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Why Choose Us?

Sewer Lines Only was created to be a different kind of company.

A large and growing company serving metro Denver, we focus on integrity, transparency, and service to provide you peace of mind and confidence.  Sewer Lines Only was designed to be different:

  • A sewer repair and replacement company in metro Denver you can trust.
  • An entire company that adheres to the highest level of ethics.
  • Estimators who focus on education and clear communication – instead of overwhelming you with technical terms.
  • Well-trained crews who carefully assess the problem and offer appropriate solutions – instead of pushing expensive services you don’t need.

Our twin goals are to be the most ethical company in the industry and offer exceptional customer service.

Here’s why we’re different: Starting with your first meeting, you’ll find that we diligently work to assess the problem, then educate you about the options. We’ll take time to walk through different scenarios, scopes of work, and pricing. And we’ll let YOU make the best decision for your situation with no sales pressure – ever! We never try to upsell unnecessary work. Sewer Lines Only is truly interested in doing what is best for you and your situation, which is why our customers love us!

Unlike general plumbing companies, we are not a “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Here’s another reason why we’re different: We specialize in sewer line repairs and doing it well! Our highly trained crews offer the experience and expertise to handle even the most difficult jobs.

Focus on Education

In order to offer the very best trenchless sewer line repair Denver, we go out of our way to educate our customers. When you understand how sewer lines function, the most common causes of malfunction, and the benefits of sewer repair, you have the best opportunity to make informed decisions and prevent further damage. We’re happy to discuss all options and pricing for needed sewer line repair or replacement.

Open Communication

We know that communication and transparency are important to gain your trust and build lasting relationships, which is why we offer straight-forward advice and up-front estimates. We want you to be confident that you’ve chosen the service that best meets your needs and your budget. Honesty, integrity, and customer service are the cornerstones of our business, and they help to ensure that every customer enjoys positive outcomes with their trenchless sewer line repair or replacement project.

Thoughtful Service

At Sewer Lines only, we recognize that your time is valuable, which is why we’re happy to negotiate a schedule that works for you, and our technicians always show up on time. Our courteous and respectful team strives to minimize the impact of trenchless sewer line replacement or repairs by working quickly and efficiently, cleaning up, and leaving no footprint on your property.

Guaranteed Results

Sewer Lines Only is a fully licensed and insured service provider, offering quality workmanship and ensuring your safety and peace of mind. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our services, which is why we’re pleased to offer a 5-year transferable warranty on all of our work. When you need a company that gets the job done right the first time, so you don’t have to hassle with ongoing issues and expense, the experts at Sewer Lines Only are the best choice for trenchless sewer replacement Denver.

We own our equipment and our crews are employees, not subcontractors. This means we are able to offer an exceptional quality of work at a fair price. We can confidently say that with our personal touch, honest straight-forward advice, and commitment to doing the job exceptionally well, you receive the best value when you choose Sewer Lines Only!

When you want the job done right, the choice is clear!

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What else should you know about Sewer Lines Only?

  • We believe doing the right thing for the customer benefits everyone in the long run. Our tagline of “ethics matter” is not just something we say. Rather, it is the philosophy that radiates throughout our company and shows in everything we do.
  • Our estimators are not paid on commission. We build value into our estimates by walking through the process with you, locating the line, assessing the problem, providing detailed estimates, and only doing necessary repairs.
  • Our pricing is transparent with no tricks, gimmicks, or gouging.
  • We value our relationships with our customers, employees, and referral partners. We believe in building these relationships and servicing our community.
  • We stand behind our work by offering a 5-year transferable warranty.
  • We are fully licensed and insured with general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.
Aurora Sewer installation

Got us handled quickly and with a fair price when we moved into a new house that had a repair need. Then they were trustworthy with the repair of the lawn/sprinklers in the spring when it was finally warm enough to sod over the patch. The patch of sod took quickly too. Not only this but the company is incredibly thoughtful and got ear of us having a baby girl around the time the sod was replaced and sent us a pack of diapers! Thoughtful, thorough and trustworthy. The “three t’s” you can expect from Sewer Lines Only.

Thanks team!

Whitman L.

Littleton, CO

Our Services


Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer Lines Only has the skill and resources to repair your sewer line with little disruption to your landscaping!

Copper Water Lines

Water Lines

Water Lines

Not only can we repair your sewer line, but we can also help with any water line issues you have!

Sewer Repairs

Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

Sometimes digging a trench is necessary for line repair; our Sewer Lines Only Team are experts at making this a quick and streamlined process!

Tap Repairs

Tap Repairs

Tap Repairs

In addition to sewer replacement in Denver, Sewer Lines Only is pleased to offer comprehensive and competitively priced tap repairs as needed.

Interior Repair

Interior or Basement Sewer Line Repair

Interior or Basement Sewer Line Repair

There are few types of sewer line replacement or repair services more nerve-wracking than those that take place within your home. When something goes wrong with internal lines, the likelihood that it will impact your life and your living spaces is high.

Icons 6

Spot Repairs With Clean-Out Installation

Spot Repairs With Clean-Out Installation

Our Sewer Lines Only estimate technician is fully trained in providing our customers with the most accurate and cost-effective repair options.

Sewer Cleaning Icon

Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer Line Cleaning

Roots, debris and build-up can wreak havoc on your sewer line causing back-up and flooding.

Excavation and Trenchless Sewer Repair in Denver

Sewer Lines Only isn’t your typical plumbing or sewage line repair company. We specialize in fixing water lines and sewer lines, the main arteries that manage the flow and drainage systems of entire constructions—meaning we take care of the big problems that can affect drainage in all the rooms of your house or building.

Whether you need partial segment repairs, trenchless sewer line replacement, repair or full excavation, Sewer Lines Only finds solutions for stopping big sewage and drainage problems before they start. Our service includes a complete examination and cleaning of your sewer line, which often identifies and solves the problems you’re having on the spot. For more complex problems, Sewer Lines Only offers a variety of options for repairing or renovating your sewer lines:

  • Sewer line repair or replacement. Using excavation to repair segments or completely change your house’s sewer line.
  • Trenchless sewer repair. Also known as “pipe bursting,” this innovative technique avoids excessive excavation by using two dig spots to push new sewer lines into place and push old ones out.
  • Waterline repair or replacement. Fixing leaks or replacing water lines from the city’s mainline to your home.
  • Spot repair. An economical solution for blocks, cracks or breakdowns occurring in just a segment of the sewer line.
  • Interior or basement sewer line repairs. Our specialty service takes care of the challenging task of fixing or replacing basement cast iron pipes.

Sewer Lines Only can give you a free estimate for installation or sewer line replacement in Denver. Call or contact us to schedule an appointment.

When to Get a Sewer Line Inspection

It’s not always immediately apparent when there’s a need for unclogging a sewer line or repairing issues with your drainage system. Any of the following symptoms or situations are reasons to consider scheduling a sewer line inspection from Sewer Lines Only:

  • Visible clogs and backups. When you see repeated instances of clogs or blocks in the mouth of your drain pipes, you should call an inspector to check for deeper sewer line blockage.
  • Slow draining. If you notice backups happening in all drainage spots in your house—toilets, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, laundry room—it’s likely a problem with the main sewer line serving all areas of your house.
  • Odors. The smell of sewer gas permeating throughout your residence is a likely indicator of a break, leak or crack somewhere in the sewer line.
  • Mold growths. Discolored spots on your walls suggest that conditions are moist enough to support the growth of mold—which likely means a leak in the sewer pipe located directly behind the wall.
  • Unusual lawn appearance. If spots on your lawn look uncommonly green and thick, or there are odd depressions or pits in the grass, they could be the result of over-saturation of water from a broken sewer line.
  • Rat or insect infestation. Rodents and bugs can easily get through small cracks or holes in your sewer line, so if they’re appearing in your home uninvited, you might have a sewer line problem.
  • Home inspections. When you’re buying or selling, a normally scheduled home inspection is a great opportunity to have your sewer line examined as well. A video inspection is especially strong proof of a sewer line’s “clean bill of health.”

Contact Sewer Lines Only for free estimates for inspection, installation or sewer line replacement in Denver.

Cameron came by to give me an evaluation of my sewer main. I previously had another company come in and they said I needed to replace my line. Cameron cleaned the line all the way to the main. He did it multiple times to make sure the job was done correctly. He then analyzed the pipe and kept me in the loop on his findings. Turns out I didn’t need to replace the line after all. Cameron and Sewer Lines Only saved me thousands with their honesty. Thank you!!!

Chris M.

Denver, CO

Meet Our Team

At Sewer Lines Only we have built our business on being honest, ethical and doing the right thing for our customers. What sets us apart from our competition is our experience, our creative problem solving, the value we offer and our exceptional customer service! Our crew is standing by to help solve your sewer line issues.

Who Sewer Lines Only Serves

  • Homeowners. Whether you’re keeping up with regular maintenance or unclogging a sewer line, Sewer Lines Only’s scoping and trenchless sewer repair in Denver can help out.
  • Realtors. Agents who are selling or buying a property can schedule our sewer line examinations as part of their usual home inspection process.
  • Property managers. Landlords and superintendents of apartment buildings or other residential units keep their tenants’ sewage operations in order and address problems with regular sewer line inspections.
  • Commercial spaces. Managers of office buildings, shopping centers, and retail spaces can ensure their sewage lines meet current standards and requirements.
  • Contractors. Specialists in home restoration and renovation can use sewer inspections to identify sewer issues that may impact the extent and execution of their work on older homes.
Who SLO Serves

Sewer Lines Only were incredibly professional, quick, and reasonably priced. They were able to scope our line on a Friday and be back first thing Monday morning to do the repairs. The workers were extremely kind and a pleasure to work with. Really amazing service, would recommend to anyone!

Marie S.

Lakewood, CO

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