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All About Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Edgewater

The traditional solution for is trenching. Trenching requires that the technicians dig until they can easily access the sewer line. It’s an invasive process that may involve digging up the entire length of your sewer line.

Trenching is adequate for most sewer line repairs, but it isn’t the most enjoyable experience for the Edgewater homeowner to live through.

Fortunately, you have other options, like trenchless sewer line repair. Trenchless sewer line repair is a more sophisticated solution to piping issues.

Because the repair is primarily internal, it’s a cleaner, less intrusive method.

The repair involves pulling new piping directly through the old piping instead of digging up damaged piping. At the end of the installation you have a completely new sewer line. And best of all, there is much less digging in your yard and street.

Our team does this repair by first digging two pits. One is for the new pipes to enter, and the other is for the old pipes to exit. That’s the extent of the landscaping disruption; there’s no need to make any extra holes during the repair.

To prepare the new pipe to make contact with the old one, we fit it with a bursting head. The head is there to help it pierce through your old piping — that’s why this process is often called pipe bursting.

After we insert the replacement pipe into the entry hole, a hydraulic winch will drag it through your existing pipe, breaking the old one into fragments and pushing it out of the way of the new line.

The time it takes to finish trenchless sewer line replacement varies depending on how long the pipe is and how far below the surface it needs to go.

But our team completes most repairs in as little as one day. Sewer Lines Only specializes in this unique repair approach, so you can trust us to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

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Got us handled quickly and with a fair price when we moved into a new house that had a repair need. Then they were trustworthy with the repair of the lawn/sprinklers in the spring when it was finally warm enough to sod over the patch. The patch of sod took quickly too. Not only this but the company is incredibly thoughtful and got ear of us having a baby girl around the time the sod was replaced and sent us a pack of diapers! Thoughtful, thorough and trustworthy. The “three t’s” you can expect from Sewer Lines Only.

Thanks team!

Whitman L.

Littleton, CO

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Would You Benefit from Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

Knowing if you need Edgewater trenchless sewer line replacement or repair can be challenging. Not every issue will announce itself to you; some could even stay hidden for years until they suddenly get significantly worse.

Ask yourself if you notice any of the following problems with your sewer line:

  • Pipe blockages
  • Sewage backup
  • Cracking or breaking
  • Corrosion
  • Weather damage caused by extreme cold or heat
  • Warped or misaligned pipes
  • Damage from tree roots

If you said yes to any of these symptoms, your pipes could likely use trenchless sewer repair. This method works exceptionally well for Edgewater homeowners with a lot of lovely landscaping they’d rather not tear up.

If trenchless sewer line repair is not a viable option for you, you may need to opt for trenching or a total pipe replacement instead. Pipe bursting isn’t as straightforward if you have a pipe system with many curves. And depending on the extent of the damage done to your pipe, it might be that not even trenchless repair can save it.

This method is also not something you can trust with your run-of-the-mill sewer technicians and plumbers. This type of replacement requires training and certification to develop the necessary skills to do it right. If it’s done by a team that isn’t used to doing this line of work, you could end up with an even bigger mess on your hands.

Don’t put the fate of your Edgewater home in the hands of just any sewer company; go with the team who works on Sewer Lines Only!

Why Trenchless Sewer Line Installation Is a Good Fit

Are you curious about the benefits of trenchless over traditional trenching repair? Here are a few reasons you might want to consider trenchless technology for your home.


With much less excavation time and no damage to sidewalks, landscaping, or utility structures, trenchless sewer line services can often save Edgewater homeowners a lot of money.

When homeowners opt for traditional sewer repair, they have to pay for any restoration associated with the repair — even outside their property. So when excavators have to expose the pipes beneath your street, you’re the one footing the bill. And the last thing you need after repairing your sewer line is to worry about a new expense.

There’s also less labor cost associated with trenchless sewer line installations. Your final price will still vary depending on how much damage there is to your old pipes as well as other factors. But when put side by side, less digging means lower labor expenses compared to traditional trench methods.

Trenchless repairs typically have a higher base cost, but it’s often worth it when you consider how much you save on landscaping costs, labor, and the annoyance of being without water for a week.

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Trenchless repairs also tend to be significantly faster. While regular replacements can last up to a week or more — a lot of that time is just spent digging — our crew can sometimes complete your repair the very same day.

When you consider how much you would have to give up during a traditional sewer line repair — flushing your toilet, brushing your teeth, washing your dishes — that’s not a comfortable way to live for even one day, let alone an entire week.

Minimal Landscaping Headaches

A lot of that digging isn’t just a bothersome eyesore. It can cause a chain reaction of disruptions, including closing off your street and making a lot of excess noise trying to fix the issue. While trenchless sewer line installation isn’t exempt from these issues entirely, the fact that it takes a fraction of the time is already a great reason to go trenchless.

Since our crew needs to dig only two holes to complete the repair or installation, there’s also minimal damage to your property. We even take extra care to prevent excess dirt from ruining your lawn, and we do our best to work around landscaping elements like shrubs, trees, or gardens to ensure that your yard stays as normal as possible.

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Sewer Lines Only were incredibly professional, quick, and reasonably priced. They were able to scope our line on a Friday and be back first thing Monday morning to do the repairs. The workers were extremely kind and a pleasure to work with. Really amazing service, would recommend to anyone!

Marie S.

Lakewood, CO



Many older pipes don’t have the same considerations and benefits as new ones. Despite many of the older sewer lines being made from sturdy materials, the pipes Sewer Lines Only uses in our trenchless sewer line replacements have unsurpassed durability.

These pipes are made from high-density polyethylene (HPDE), a material known for its hardiness and long lifespan.

Lower Carbon Footprint

An often overlooked benefit is that trenchless sewer line replacement in Edgewater can be better for the planet. The burst pipe stays below the ground rather than being hauled off to another location where it just takes up more space.

Less digging also means there’s no need to toss old dirt fill, and there’s little chance that the two holes will bring forth underground toxins. Best of all, trenchless sewer line replacements don’t use harmful chemicals, so nothing is seeping into your soil and causing potential problems with your property.

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Sewer Lines Only were incredibly professional, quick, and reasonably priced. They were able to scope our line on a Friday and be back first thing Monday morning to do the repairs. The workers were extremely kind and a pleasure to work with. Really amazing service, would recommend to anyone!

Marie S.

Lakewood, CO

Call Sewer Lines Only for Reliable Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer line repairs are the perfect solution to one of the homeowner’s most frustrating problems. It’s fast, easy, and less disruptive than traditional repair methods.

If you think you’re a good candidate for trenchless sewer repair and could use the help of some industry experts, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our team by calling us today for a free estimate of your Edgewater project.

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