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Tap Repairs in Denver

Your sewer line connection to the city mainline or tap is one of the most important parts of your sewer line system. You may notice disruption in your service if you are in need of a tap repair. City representatives also routinely scope the city’s mainline looking for broken taps. If this is the case, they will notify the homeowner and give 30-days to perform a repair.

The main factor that will affect the price of your tap repair is where the mainline is located. The street is the most common location and also tends to be the most expensive because of the traffic and asphalt. For safety reasons, with a busy street, the road must be closed by submitting a traffic control plan to the city and having proper signage to indicate a road closure. If you have a yellow line in your road, that indicates heavy traffic and will require a road closure. Sewer Lines Only will submit a TCP (traffic control plan) to the City and set-up the required road closure signage. A trench in the street must be back filled with flow fill. Flow fill is a concrete-like substance that will prevent future sink holes. The street asphalt will be patched.

The second most common location for a tap repair is an alley. Whether the tap is in the street or alley, flow fill is required for back fill. Sewer Lines Only will patch the asphalt or concrete in a street or alley.

In some cases, the tap will be located in a yard, which is a best-case scenario because there are no requirements for road closures, flow fill or asphalt patching. The typical depth of a mainline is 5-12 feet deep. If it is more than 12 feet deep, there will be additional fees because of the increased difficulty of excavating a deep line. With most tap repairs you will only be without sewer service for less than 4-hours during the day.

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