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Your sewer line is the pipe that connects your house to a septic tank or the city sewer. Without regular attention, it can become clogged or develop other issues that require a sewer line repair. These issues disrupt your daily routine and can create stressful situations. Any problem with your sewer line requires an experienced team.

At Sewer Lines Only, we’re committed to providing our customers with reliable and affordable sewer line replacement and repair services. We understand that issues with your pipes do more than cause a horrendous odor to drift through your home. You can count on our professional technicians to give you a straightforward assessment of the issue and offer you an efficient resolution.

Golden Trenchless Sewer Services

Sewer Lines Only is your trusted provider for trenchless sewer line services in Broomfield. We use the most technologically advanced techniques to fix and replace sewer lines, minimizing disruption to your life in a cost-effective way.

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Reasons You Have Sewer Line Issues

Practically every homeowner experiences a slow-running sink or clogged drain. One clog is easy to manage, but what happens if every drain in your home backs up simultaneously?

Your sewer line clog may have occurred for several reasons:

Faulty Sewer Construction

Sometimes clogged sewer lines are beyond your control. Their performance relies heavily on the installation process. If your sewer line is poorly designed, it may lead to problems within your home. For example, a sewer line too small to handle your home’s demands may experience clogs and other issues.

Weather Patterns

Constant changes in the outdoor temperature cause your pipes to expand and contract. Unfortunately, this cycle cannot be stopped, and it causes your sewer lines to split, crack, or crumple under stress.

Tree Root Infiltration

Not many homeowners understand the constant battle that occurs beneath the ground. Your sewer lines and neighboring tree roots struggle to occupy the same area. Eventually, the tree roots may win. They expand and grow into the pipe, searching for water and causing the line to break.

Improper Maintenance

Your pipes are no different than other major home appliances. They all require routine maintenance. Inside your pipes are hair products, skin cells, grease and fat, and other particles that go down your drain. Any foreign object, like coffee grounds or eggshells, increases the risk of significant damage.

Old Age

Old sewer lines are more delicate than modern, well-maintained pipes. Older materials are less water-resistant and may begin rusting, making them more likely to crack. Some old sewer lines contain traces of toxic lead, requiring a sewer line replacement.

Inadequate Public Sewage

When you live in the city, your house is linked to others in your neighborhood via the sewer. Your sewer lines become more susceptible to clogs and backups that allow sewage to enter your home’s system.

Warning Signs That It’s Time for a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

It’s almost impossible not to know when there is a problem with your sewer lines. After all, three of your five senses will warn you pretty quickly. Keep alert for these signs to know that there is a problem with your sewer line:

  • An influx of mice or bugs on your property
  • A spike in your water bill
  • An offensive odor coming from standing water
  • Various clogged plumbing fixtures
  • Noticeable wet spots on your land
  • Unexplained gurgling noises coming from the pipes
  • Randomly rising and falling water levels in your toilet
  • Branches or dirt coming through the drain
  • Cracked or broken pipes
  • Outdated lines

You need to call a professional immediately when you can check one or more of these items off the list. Sewer Lines Only in Golden, CO, is an experienced sewer line installation company prepared to troubleshoot your pipes and discuss your options for repairing or replacing them.

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Got us handled quickly and with a fair price when we moved into a new house that had a repair need. Then they were trustworthy with the repair of the lawn/sprinklers in the spring when it was finally warm enough to sod over the patch. The patch of sod took quickly too. Not only this but the company is incredibly thoughtful and got ear of us having a baby girl around the time the sod was replaced and sent us a pack of diapers! Thoughtful, thorough and trustworthy. The “three t’s” you can expect from Sewer Lines Only.

Thanks team!

Whitman L.

Littleton, CO

An Experienced Sewer Line Installation Company

It’s hard to complete your day-to-day chores without working sewer lines. Although these pipes are essential to your home, many people forget they exist until they notice the strong odor filtering through their house.

Reaching out to Sewer Lines Only will get you a consultation with one of our dependable technicians. We’ll promptly diagnose the problem and present a solution. That solution may include trenched or trenchless sewer line repairs.

Traditional Solutions With Trenched Sewer Line Repair

The tried-and-true method of fixing a sewer line is called trenching. Using this method means that our team will dig up your lawn so we can reach your pipes for repairs. Sometimes, we can limit excavating to a small portion of the yard when only some of your sewer line needs repair. However, extensive repairs require exposing the whole pipe.

Our team often brings in heavy equipment for the trenched sewer line repair, but some jobs can be completed by hand. Hand digging is reserved for areas that cannot support excavators and backhoes.

Our top priority is your safety, so we train our team to use the latest safety protocols. Trench shoring utilizes two pieces of metal that line both sides of the trench. These supports prevent the trench from caving in.

Sewer Lines Only team members know how to move large equipment around electric lines and neighboring property. Because we respect your home, we use special protection to safeguard your property by placing plywood on the ground.

Once digging begins, the dirt is placed in a dump truck and removed from the location. We keep some soil on your property to ensure the sewer line replacement doesn’t move or create low spots.

One disadvantage to a traditional sewer line installation is that you cannot run water until the repair is complete. Depending on how long the repair will take, you may need to stay in a hotel.

Modern Solutions That Use Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

It is possible to use a less invasive approach. A trenchless sewer line replacement requires the technician to pull the new pipe through the damaged one instead of digging it up for repairs. Our team can complete the replacement without interrupting your running water. We also use lighter equipment, so there is less property damage risk.

When our team starts a trenchless sewer line replacement, they dig two holes in the ground. One hole is for the pipe’s entrance, while the other is for the exit. The repair occurs in these areas — the only ones requiring digging.

After the holes are prepared, a cone-shaped “bursting head” is secured onto the replacement pipe. It is sent through the damaged sewer pipe, splitting it into pieces. How long it takes to complete the replacement depends on the size of the area needing repair. In most cases, this process takes a single day.

Why a Trenchless Sewer Line Installation Is a Better Choice

The main reason a trenchless sewer line installation is better is that it creates less mess. But that isn’t the only benefit.

Financial Savings

Working on your sewer lines can quickly create a lot of expenses. Fortunately, the trenchless method can save money because our team uses less equipment. That means there are fewer operational expenses. It’s also a smaller job, so we spend less time on it.

Finally, we don’t disrupt your water service for more than a day, so you don’t have out-of-pocket expenses like hotels.

Quicker Repairs

Traditional sewer line repairs take several hours just to excavate your lawn. Because there is less digging, trenchless repairs take less time and limit the disruptions to your routine.

More Supported Lines

Trenched repairs resolve the problem by replacing the damaged pipe. But trenchless repairs strengthen the existing line. The replacement and old pipes get stuck together with a hard epoxy substance, making your plumbing system stronger and preventing additional problems.

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Quick and Reliable Sewer Line Repairs From a Golden, CO, Company

Sewer Lines Only team members are trained and have years of experience. We provide comprehensive sewer line services that focus on every detail of your system. Our experts understand that every Golden home has unique needs, so we consider that when preparing our solution.

Whether a trenched or trenchless repair suits your system, our work will be backed with a 5-year guarantee. Call us today to schedule your free estimate. We’re ready to take care of your pipes.

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