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Monthly Payment Options

The Trenching Process and Safety

Trenching is the most common way to perform a sewer line repair or a sewer line replacement. Trenching is the act of removing grass, dirt, concrete, or asphalt to expose the sewer line. This generally requires the use of an excavator, backhoe or concrete saw. In some cases, it is a hand dig if access is limited. The trench can be anywhere from 2 feet to 20 feet deep. OSHA states that trenching is one of the most dangerous construction activities due to cave-ins and buried utilities. For this reason, Sewer Lines Only adheres to the strictest safety standards. Our crew is required to wear appropriate safety gear and use trench shoring when necessary. Trench shoring is the process of using two metal plates that are secured on either side of the trench to prevent the dirt from caving into the trench. Once the line has been properly trenched, the sewer line repair or sewer line replacement can take place. Sewer Lines Only uses only the best material that meets or exceeds code. Depending on your municipality, the sewer line should be either schedule 40 PVC or SDR 35 piping. Once the sewer line is repaired, Sewer Lines Only will properly bed the line with ¾ inch crushed granite or squeegee. This material prevents the line from shifting and potentially causing future sewer line issues. The trench will then be back filled with dirt. We compact the dirt to prevent sinking. If the trench is in the street or alley, Sewer Lines Only will back fill with flow fill to prevent sink holes, before we patch the concrete or asphalt. Flow fill is a concrete-like substance that prevents sinking when used under high-traffic areas, such as an alley or street.

Sewer Lines Only is fully licensed and insured. Work is permitted and inspected by the city, when applicable. Sewer Lines Only carries $1,000,000 in general liability insurance and has worker’s comp insurance to protect Sewer Lines Only, our crew and the homeowner. We are always happy to provide copies of our insurance for your records.

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